Terms & Conditions

To ensure all students get the most out of their participation in extracurricular programs, enrolment into a club/activity constitutes agreement on the part of both the student and parent/carer to abide by the terms and conditions as applicable. Please refer to the relevant sections below for full details.

All Clubs

  1. Participation is a privilege and the school’s positive behaviour expectations apply at all times.
  2. Regular and punctual attendance is expected and commitment is for the year if not otherwise stated.
  3. Parents must notify the school if a child will be absent from an after-school club.
  4. Clubs can be cancelled with minimal notice (e.g. teacher illness). Subsequently, please do not rely on an out of school hours club for childcare.
  5. An adult must be available to collect the participating student at the conclusion of an after-hours club or prior to the end of a lesson in the case of illness.
  6. If the activity takes place after school, the parent must provide the coordinator with an explanation of how the student will return home e.g. walking home, returning to the after school care centre, etc.
  7. Students must follow the teacher’s instructions at all times.
  8. Unsafe behaviour may result in removal from the program.
  9. Programs may charge additional fees to cover expenses (e.g. costumes, transport, registration for inclusion in festivals, etc.). The school will endeavour to minimise costs however participation in extracurricular activities is at the expense of families and fees are non-refundable.

CPS Choirs

By enrolling in the CPS Choirs program, students agree to:

  1. In addition to weekly rehearsals, commit to all school and festival performances.
  2. Provide a note of explanation from a parent if absent from rehearsals but attending school.
  3. Commit to bringing music (where applicable) to rehearsals and performances.
  4. Assist with putting away equipment at the end of rehearsal.
  5. Regularly practise instrument/repertoire at home.

CPS Strings

The following conditions are to be met as part of the acceptance into the CPS Strings program. Please read carefully and discuss points with your child before accepting a place in the String Program.

  1. A child accepted into the String Ensemble Program will be required to remain in the program for one school year. If the child and parent agree, the child may then choose not to continue at the end of that year. It is expected however that all members will continue through to Years 5 and 6.
  2. Your child will be required to practice a minimum of 20 minutes per day, 4-5 days a week. Rehearsals and tutorials are not included. Experience has shown that parents and students that adhere to this are much more successful and are more likely to continue their learning of their instrument long term.
  3. Parents agree to notify the Ensemble Leader if their child will be absent from any rehearsals or part of the school term e.g. sickness or holidays taken during school term. Please try to organise doctor’s appointments etc. outside of rehearsal times.
  4. Parents agree to notify the Ensemble Conductor and their Tutor if their child intends to be away for an extended period or leave the Ensemble Program.
  5. All fees will be paid on time, including ensemble membership fees and tuition fees set by instrumental tutor.
  6. Parents will help their child by reminding him/her to bring their instrument, music books/ folder and pencil to all rehearsals.
  7. If provided with a school instrument, the instrument is not insured whilst off the school premises. The hire fee covers normal maintenance costs, however, parents are responsible for repairs to the instrument arising from accidental damage.
  8. Ensemble members are expected to attend all performances, both in and outside of school hours. Participation in major performances is subject to satisfactory attendance and commitment to all rehearsals, especially those leading up to the performance date.

Privacy Policy

Personal information collected by the website shall be used for the sole purpose of operating website features, communicating with users of the website, and connecting parent and students with relevant extracurricular activity/club coordinators. No personal data will be shared with any third parties and all reasonable efforts have been made to protect and secure the personal data held by the website from unauthorised access.